headline01I recently met a new business owner. He had been in business for less than a year and he had a lot of startup costs and bills he needed to take care of before he could start making money. He had been living on savings and took out some business loans to get started in businesses as well as to keep his family fed until his business started to cash flow. Things were going well and he thought “I am going to make it.”


He found out that not only did he owe federal and state income tax, but he also owed:

  • Payroll Taxes
  • Self-Employment Tax
  • Personal Property Taxes
  • Sales Tax

… it seemed to never end. 

He realized a large portion of the money he was making had to go toward taxes. He began to wonder how am I going to make it? How am I going to stay in business? And more importantly, how am I going to provide for my family? Savings are running out, payments on business loans are coming due, and I have to spend all this money on taxes.

I also recently met a more established business owner. He had been in business for over 20 years. His business was doing well. He could afford to live and do a lot of things he wanted to do. But he never felt like he could really get a head.  Every time he would get a little savings built up it would come tax time and paying his taxes would clean his savings out. This happened year after year. He began to wonder if it was possible to ever get a head in life. There were so many things he wanted to do and plan for. He just never had the extra money to do it.


This is why we created Master Your Taxes Membership. We deal with thousands of business owners with the same problem… taxes. With the Master Your Taxes Membership you will greatly reduce the amount of taxes that you pay. This gives you a fighting chance to live the American dream, build your business and get the success you want and deserve. You work hard for your money and you should be able to keep it and to spend it the way you see fit.

“As someone who coaches my clients to do their finances right, I demand excellence from other professionals I associate with. Soulence Tax and Accounting and it’s Master Your Taxes Membership is ultimately one of the few accounting firms that make sure you’re accounting is done RIGHT! When most accountants just do average work, Soulence focuses on helping you keep more money in your pocket while still doing your accounting by the book. I recommend Soulence to any of my clients!”
Christopher Miles - Lehi, UT

Master Your Taxes gives you the education you need to do this. As well, you will get a personalized review of your taxes and specific advice, strategy, and direction on what you can do in your personal tax situation to stop over paying on your taxes. By joining Master Your Taxes Membership you won’t have to struggle paying your bills or growing your business because you have to pay taxes.  You can be free to excel.

We are offering the entire education membership as well a a full 3 YEAR TAX REVIEW for a one time price of $497. The Master Your Taxes membership is valued at $2,497 but for the next short while, we are offering it at a discount of over 75%. Join us today and start putting your hard earned money back in your pocket where it belongs.


About nine months ago I met a dentist that was struggling to keep cash flow going in his business. We did a three year review through Master Your Taxes and not only did we get him over $34,000 in refunds from federal and state income taxes we helped him strategize so he’ll save $8,600 a year every year going forward. This literally changed his life.

tax-tips1About two months ago we met a couple who had been in business about a year. They were spending about 40% of their profits in taxes. They also went through Master Your Taxes, a three year review and some tax strategy. We helped save them $14,000 a year. This helped them save up for a down payment on a house.

We have combined over 40 years experience in the tax business. We have consulted thousands of business owners in hundreds of different professions across all states. We can represent clients in all 52 states.

To make sure we stay up on exactly what the IRS is looking for we make sure our accountants become Enrolled Agents. Don’t confuse this with IRS agents. Enrolled Agents are tax professionals that take testing directly with the IRS to show they are knowledgeable and credible to not only represent clients but to advise them on all their tax needs.

We’ve defended numerous clients against the IRS and have successfully kept clients from paying thousands of dollars.

When you join Master Your Taxes Membership you will get a three year review and education to make sure you aren’t paying more taxes than you should. You will:

  • Get a 3 year tax review to uncover  missed deductions and strategies that can be retroactive so you can file an amended return and receive a refund back.
  • Learn what you need to do to save on taxes going forward.
  • Find out what you can deduct and how to deduct it which is the most important part of a Tax Strategy.
  • Gain access to our video and pdf library of the most important tax saving ideas and deductions.
  • Get continued updates on the latest tax strategies and tax law changes through Master Your Taxes electronic newsletter and Master Your Taxes Blog.
  • Uncover the secret to a great tax strategy. HINT: It  is not creating deductions but turning things you already pay for into a deduction. You will learn the secrets the wealthy understand to legally avoid paying taxes.



“Soulence Tax and Accounting and it’s Master Your Taxes Membership is the only accounting firm I would ever recommend to any and all of my friends and business associates. I’ve had them do my taxes for the last three years, and I can honestly say you will not find anybody as knowledgeable, prompt, and effective. They can literally save you more money than you could ever imagine, and all this is done strictly according to the ever-changing tax and accounting laws. Last year, their work on lowering my taxes allowed me to apply for and receive a grant that resulted in a five-figure payout. If it was not for Soulence this would never have happened! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!?”
Alexander Zlochevsky - Salt Lake City, UT

In addition to Master Your Taxes Membership we will be giving you a free mini course on how to avoid an IRS audit. Learn the secrets to avoiding having to deal with the IRS auditing you and your businesses.

What you’ll also get with your Master Your Taxes Membership is an easy reference guide for tax deduction and Master Your Taxes Worksheets to help you organize your taxes.


I understand that when I signup I will receive:
  • Instant access to the Master Your Taxes membership site
  • Instant access to the Master Your Taxes 3 Year Tax Review Submission Process.
  • Access to the Soulence team to get questions answered and start putting money back in your pockets


We will only be offering Master Your Taxes Membership for $497 until January 31, 2015.

If you don’t join Master Your Taxes Membership you run the risk of paying too much in taxes, having too little cash flow to be successful, not having enough money to support your family, and continue to struggle day after day unnecessarily.

This is a limited time offer. Make sure you join us today and take control of your taxes.

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